Kate's Machine Log

Ok, that was almost very bad.

I’ve decided to keep a log in case I kill myself … or all of us. This machine is complicated and keeping all the details straight is proving troublesome.

Fooling around with aura detection and instinct, I put this combination in:
1269 P6Q7 HV/LX/SB

A small panel flipped open and numeric symbols appeared. They looked like a dialect of infernal. I didn’t get a good look because they changed, slowly at first but increasing at a slightly alarming pace (a countdown, I presume) and the machine belched forth dark clouds of sulphurous smoke. After a small giggle fit, I re-triggered the same combination and it shut down.

After waiting until the smoke cleared and just staring at the machine for long moments … I tried it again. The panel emerged again and the countdown started back up at the brisk pace. Much more smoke than before filled the room. I had a harder time stopping it this time. I don’t think this countdown resets (I’ll have to try again in a few days and be fast on the shutdown). I have no idea what happens when it runs out. It’s probably not good.

Kate's Machine Log

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