Not with a bang

Scary place to gray place.

Our encounter with Chuck and a lot of weird things.

We found the book in the book room. Thaddeus takes group to inn. Out from the big scary place comes a big angry not dead man… Chuck. Chuck has lever for machine. Not Crone becomes Not Lady and talks to Chuck. While Chuck talks, Thaddeus steals lever and gives to friends. Chuck takes Not Lady and starts walking towards scary place. Not Lady is nervous. Thaddeus follows and rescues Not Lady. Chuck is angrier! Friends fix juju machine and everything goes gray.

Inn is floating gray… lots of gray. Sleeping Man is very excited about the gray. Strange things appear and tell Thaddeus and friends to fix machine. Tell us to go that way. Over there. We fall for a loooonnnnngggg time. Sword Helper like to play games so Thaddeus plays games with him. Go through a head hurt storm.

Different strange things have a castle. They like to garden, are nice. They are not even annoyed by Loud One. They have parts for juju machine. We take parts and go back to inn.



You forgot the part where I had to keep explaining everything to Ragnarok since his knowledge of the Astral plane was seriously lacking.

Scary place to gray place.

Thanks for the recap…

Scary place to gray place.
kenneth_adamson roger_wood

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