Not with a bang

Jungle Loot

Wand of invis 12 charges 3rd lvl
Ring of inner fort minor
Ring of protection +2
5 +1 holy shuriken
Obsidian tipped Spear +1 frost
Enchated eel skin +1 slick leather
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Potion of dispel magic
Potion of resist energy cold
Boots of levitation
22 darts dried poison 20 fort save 2 saves 6rd 3 dex damage.
Rod (staff)
Magical Mask
Boro Bead 4th level
79 platinum
1066 gold
1297 silver
2420 copper
Unworked gems. (4000 gp)


That’s 16034.98 gp per regular party member.

Thaddeus is only interested in the Relic Rod thingy and some of the poison darts. With his share of the gold he intends to make scrolls and wands.

During the downtime he is going to continue to fortify the inn. Use stone shape to create a few workrooms (including an alchemy lab for Tyler’s character), and at least one cell in the basement.

Jungle Loot
kenneth_adamson tyler_haberle

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