Slyph, Time Seer


Ragnarök’s parents parents are both Sylph. His mother was a dreamwalker from birth, gifted with the ability to dream lucidly at will, able to move freely throughout the Dimension of Dreams, occasionally even interacting with others in their own Dream Dimension.

As a young adult, newly married, she learned she was not capable of concieving a child. This saddened her and her husband greatly, eventually leading into a deep depression. She would often dream of becoming pregnant, a feat not possible in real life. Though she had control over her dreaming experience, she could soon imagine nothing else. Desperate, she decided to do something terrible and dangerous. She worked out a way to step physically into the Dimension of Dreams.

Once there, she sought her husband, on his own Dream Dimension. There she found him, dreaming of a future that could not be, one with a child they could not have. She joined him there, interupting his dream. She convinced his lucid body that his dream was false, that in reality they could have a child. She offered to show him this truth, and so together they joined, his lucid body with her physical one, and they conceived a child.

Upon waking, she found that her dreams had come true. She was with child: Ragnarök.


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