I hate regression


BloodRager, noted for talking to himself, myself, especially when drinking.


“How long has it been?” I say to Kurodin the weary dock master, “Lad, it’s been nearly two years since anyone from house Straevaras has been seen in Korvosa, I reckon it’s time order is brought back to you and yours”.

“As if " I think to myself…“nothing is left for me here”, I say to the old man as I give him coin “it would be in your best interest if you kept this between us, I don’t plan on staying long” . That wasn’t a lie, if it weren’t for these dastardly seamen and their confounded superstition I’d still be headed far from Varisia where no one knows who we are or what I have done.

Still, it is nice not to be surrounded by people who want to kill me for no reason. We didn’t like Ustalav one bit, but such is the life of a smuggling killer, especially one so skilled at losing control and….well at least here I know who my enemies are. If only we were lucky enough to find another enemy of our enemies that could pay us to kill our enemies…yes, that would be delightful.

I wonder if the Stiletto is still in operation. We might as well enjoy a drink or two, perhaps a nice set of brown eyes would do us good too, I can abstain from spilling for a day.


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