Elion Vandiir

Elf Magus fond of breaking things


Elion was born to a pair of powerful wizards who trained him from a young age in the arcane arts. Even as a child he showed great aptitude and potential. However, he also had a destructive urge and enjoyed breaking things with his bare hands. His parents tried to channel that urge by sending him to the Academae to study Evocation.

While studying in Korvosa, Elion’s estranged uncle, Kendel, who hadn’t been seen for nearly a century, sought him out and enchanted him with tales of his adventures and battles. Kendel began training Elion in martial combat and filled his head with visions of glory. One day, when Elion approached their designated meeting place to continue his training, he found his uncle’s sword and a note from his uncle:

The note read:
Elion, I regret to inform you that I have urgent business to attend to that will take me from the city immediately. There is something coming that could be very dangerous and so I am leaving you my sword. It has been with my for many years and will serve you well. Be cautious, as it is an intelligent weapon with it’s own desires, but when wielded appropriately it can be a powerful ally. I will contact you again when I can.

Wielding this powerful blade, Elion has become a magus mixing martial and arcane training in tandem to create a force of destruction… used for good (usually).

Elion Vandiir

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