Not with a bang

Winds of Fate and Serpent Reborn


Vision shifts.

A wooden placard swinging outside a building, old and forgotten, but once full of light and life. An image on the placard is faded, but not gone. It appears to be returning, as if fading back into reality, as it once faded away.

The building sits in the center of all things, yet is not itself the center. Connected to all places and times, but being in only one.


Vision fades, replaced by darkness unfathomable.

A single, tiny mote of light, suspended in a vast darkness, drifting silently on the invisible winds of fate.

Our world is dying, but it is not disappearing. It will continue to exist as an embodiment of death. From this, there must be an opportunity for new life: a seed.



kenneth_adamson campbeltr

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