Not with a bang

Scary Place... bad juju!

RECAP (02-18-2016)

We left the city.
Not Dead things everywhere, not safe.
Desna’s servant said to go to castle, so we go to castle. Follow shore. Thick fog, then not. Bad place! Gatehouse with dead things… lots of dead things. Scary vision… bad juju. Sword’s Helper helps Sword smash gate… then smash another gate (better to watch from other side). Sleeping Man keeps mumbling. Open area has lots of little buildings, one big building and bad thing. Sword Helper smashes bad thing, more juju… scary. Wooden building kind of nice, Thaddeus makes it nicer.

Sleeping Man prays. Is good, he follows the road as well. The Liar and Loud One (also a liar) are mean to the Old One and ask Thaddeus to leave the nice building to “look around”. Thaddeus goes to the big building, but Liar, Loud One and Sword Helper join him. Hear noise from other side of open area. Most of them disappear. Thaddeus goes to corner where noise and Fast Not Dead things attack. Thaddeus helps Liar, Loud One and Sword Helper to make Fast Not Dead things dead. Then they take the dead Fast Not Dead things and burn them in building. Make Thaddeus’ nice building, not nice. Thaddeus finds nice spot and sleeps.

Morning comes, but not really light. Sleeping Man says we need to go into big building, find book room. More bad juju, Thaddeus heals, makes not afraid. Big room, lots of doors. Thaddeus search most of them. Doors slam shut. More bad juju, big metal things walk. Liar and Loud One are not helping. Thaddeus not helping. Sword and Helper do ok, then get poisoned, get eaten. Thaddeus helps Sword and Helper, get them out. Sleeping Man makes metal things turn to dust, then disappears. Thaddeus is tired. Desna said to be in scary place, she always asks Thaddeus to go to scary places. Sleeping Man, Liar, Loud One, Old One, Sword and Helper are good folk though.



Thaddeus, your account of past events is simple and honest. And, insightful in its own way.

I noticed you recounted events in chronological order, which suggests that your people, the Grippli, perceive the passing of events in such a manner.

Tell me, how do the Grippli interpret the passing of time? How do you interpret it as one day rolls into the next, into weeks, then months, and years? How do you describe that transition?

Scary Place... bad juju!

Grippli know of today, the rest is stories. Desna taught Thaddeus of time and the road. Desna show Thaddeus how to hop from here to there, but not in between. Desna say that time and the road the same. She also showed Thaddeus how to change things before they are.

Scary Place... bad juju!


Ummm… slight correction Frog. My name is Elion, and the sword helps me, not the other way around.

Scary Place... bad juju!
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