Not with a bang

Crone is not a crone


So…. it turns out that Cadir and Kell were lying to us (again) and Crone is not really an old crone. She’s actually a very attractive young woman named Cate (who I think is falling for me).

After we finished off those Iron Golems, we headed upstairs to find the library that Old Rag keeps telling us we need to find. Instead we found a disgusting dining room with a Blood Rot eating lots of human remains. We also found a rather large barbarian named Quarrel in a cage waiting to be eaten by that monstrosity. I heroically wielded my enchanted blade and destroyed the cage to free that poor primitive prisoner. Cadir, on the other hand, ran like a little girl trying to get away.

After I destroyed the Blood Rot (with a little help from the others), we started exploring again. I found a hunched over old man hiding in a closet in the next room, but when he saw that he’d been discovered, he jumped out of the window and ran away. I don’t know how he survived the fall, but he did. On his desk I found the ledgers for the castle and found that somewhere around here there are hundreds of thousands of gold pieces! The others either don’t believe me or have lost their minds because they don’t seem too interested in finding it.

Oh… remember that girl in the vision who we saw get beheaded when we entered the keep? Yeah, she’s still here in ghost form. She told us to get out of here quickly because the lord of the keep is a terrible and powerful man who wouldn’t be happy to find us here. Apparently she was supposed to marry that creep, but she told him that she didn’t like him so he killed everyone. Sounds like a real gem of a man. Anyway, she pointed us to the library so off we went.

Meanwhile, Cadir and Kell started to get worried about the old Crone (who we now know is their sister) so they went back to the inn to get her. At the inn they found some crazy machine that they couldn’t describe very well but they think is important so they came to the library to tell us about it.

The library was creepy. It’s the type of place my sword really hates. No matter how much destruction we caused, as soon as we turned our backs, it all went back to the way it was. Frog said there was some kind of poltergeist there that he started talking to. The good news is that I found some amazing books that I think will help me improve my Magus skills. I am starting to wonder if the lord of this keep was a Magus… why else would he have so many books specifically about combining arcane and martial combat?

In the end we found the book that Ragnarok was looking for and headed back to the inn. I’m just happy to get away from that creepy Keep where nothing stays broken.


kenneth_adamson justingish

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